Overview of company history


Company foundation Andreas Contag, 21 years old, student of electrical engineering (2nd semester) Dietmar Contag, 19 years old, at grammar school. In a space of 50 m², single-sided circuit boards manufactured.


Through-plated circuit boards Space extended to 160 m². Production starts of double-sided through-plated circuit boards


Move into Brunsbütteler Damm 136, 13581 Berlin. Space now 800 m². Sole trader Andreas Contag.


ISO 9001 QM system The high manufacturing quality is ensured by a certified quality management system.

Multilayer Production starts of 4 layer multilayer boards. Electrical test department with quick flying probe technology.

First manufacturer of circuit boards with no waste water The first manufacturer of circuit boards in Germany to successfully implement a concept for 'Production with no waste water'.


Environmental prize 1999, 1st prize Ceremony in Berlin town hall: Prize awarded by the senator for the environment for the exemplary 'Production with no waste water'

Production of multilayer boards extended from 6 to 8 layers. New multilayer vacuum press put into operation. Start of ultra fine track manufacturing.


Rigid-flex circuit boards Start production of rigid-flex and flexible printed circuits


Many layer multilayer boards and ultra fine tracks Manufacture of circuit boards now with up to 24 layers. Minimum track widths below 100 µm are now possible. The complete PCB photoplotting production line renewed with most modern systems.

Quality prize 2002 The company was awarded the Berlin-Brandenburg quality prize for 2002. It took first prize with the grade "Excellent quality management".

UL certified E 228 204


Blind vias - Multilayer Manufacture of blind via multilayer boards as rush service

New brushing line put into operation with fully automatic thickness regulation as well as a new Circubond line


Start of production of rigid-flex printed circuits with flexible internal layers, of flexible multilayer boards and of SBU multilayer boards with buried vias


Conti Leiterplatten becomes CONTAG GmbH On 15th May 2005 the sole trader company Conti Leiterplatten is converted to the limited company CONTAG GmbH

RoHS compliance confirmed with VDE certificate In November VDE issues the certificate to CONTAG which confirms conformance with RoHS


Start of building work & topping out ceremony for new company HQ Work started in March and on 18th August, the topping out ceremony for the new company headquarters was celebrated with over 400 guests

Hole plugging In October, the hole plugging process is introduced

electronica trade fair The electronica becomes one of the most successful trade fairs in CONTAG's history


Move to new company HQ From April to June, the company's move to the new premises in Päwesiner Weg was planned and carried out. The final move is on 11th June.

CONday - Technology forum and inauguration On the morning of 6th July 2007, more than 200 visitors took part in the CONday technology forum in the Zitadelle. In the afternoon, with more than 900 guests, CONTAG celebrated the inauguration of their new premises.

CONTAG is "TOP employer in Berlin 2007" During a ceremonial event on 10th December in Berlin, CONTAG won the competition for the title of "TOP employer in Berlin 2007". The company won this award for its commitment as an exemplary employee and family-oriented company with outstanding health management.


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