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News in September 2015

"SME Grand Award" for CONTAG AG

CONTAG’s outstanding entrepreneurial performance in becoming the market leader in PCB prototype express manufacturing has been recognized with the “Grand Award for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes), conferred annually by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. Regarded as “Germany’s most coveted business prize”, it is the nation’s most significant business award competition according to a benchmark study conducted by the ISW Institute. One distinctive feature is the fact that none of the entrants may apply on their own behalf. The nominees are proposed by institutions and then rated in several steps by a judging panel. With the nationwide competition already in its 21st year, more than 5,000 noteworthy companies were entered for this installment. CONTAG AG was nominated by Vereinigung Wirtschaftshof Spandau e.V., the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Agentur für Arbeit Berlin Süd, Berliner Volksbank eG (Potsdam branch) and ZVEI, Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie e.V., and chosen out of 365 contestants from the Berlin/Brandenburg area as a beacon company.

A joyful CONTAG team celebrating their achievement more awards

News in April 2015

Changes in CONTAG’s Management and Supervisory Board

To position CONTAG AG “more broadly” and to maintain the extraordinary level of success in the future, the owner and chief executive, Andreas Contag, wanted to see his companion of many years and supervisory board member, Christian Ranzinger, at his side on the management board. Christian Ranzinger has worked for CONTAG with brief interruptions since 1997. With nearly 20 years of PCB design experience under his belt, he is a well-respected expert in the industry. Working shoulder to shoulder with Andreas Contag, the pair will continue to push the further development of the company as they have in previous years. Christian Ranzinger is to head the technical division as CTO, while the primary focus of Andreas Contag’s activities will be on commercial matters and advancing new business ideas for CONTAG AG.

(Bernfried Fleiner, Ralf Lang, Andreas Contag, Christian Ranzinger, Joachim Protz)
Joining CONTAG AG’s supervisory board will be Bernfried Fleiner. The industrial engineer has built a 20-year track record in circuit boards as a staff member at Schweizer Electronic AG. This expertise combined with his recent experience as technical director of a mechanical engineering firm is the perfect complement to the existing supervisory board, Ralf Lang (chairman) and Joachim Protz, both of whom have a business administration background. Bernfried Fleiner looks forward to working for an innovative and thriving company.
CONTAG AG has been a player in the highly contested German PCB market for over 30 years. More than 1000 active customers from all industries rely on their collaboration with the Berlin-based circuit board manufacturer. The expedited production and delivery of high-tech prototypes is the core of the company’s success formula. New business concepts will be the key to building on this success in the future.

News in October 2012

CONTAG is now “Aktiengesellschaft”

The CONTAG GmbH is now transformed into CONTAG AG (incorporated company). Due to constant growth, CONTAG broadened its base, gained additional specialists and adopts its new legal form which is appropriate for the, by now more sophisticated organizational structure. Capital market and stock dealing does not play a role in this change. CONTAG
remains the known family enterprise with sporty dynamic.
Andreas Contag is CEO of the CONTAG AG and Dr. Frank Raspel is authorized signatory.
The supervisory board consists of concentrated branch- and entrepreneurial know how. Christian Ranzinger is acknowledged expert in the PCB-branch, Ralf Lang stands for long-term professional handling of finances and Joachim Protz is accountant and reputable auditor with 20 years of experience.

Dr. Frank Raspel, Andreas Contag, Joachim Protz, Ralf Lang, Christian Ranzinger

Especially in the business of prototypes with extremely short delivery time, which is the core competence of CONTAG, it is highly important that customers can rely on their suppliers. That counts for delivery reliability as well as for technological capability and trustworthiness. Our customers and business partners will benefit from the raised stability as well as the long-term ensured know how to accelerate the dynamic progress of technology and the market during the next years together.

News in November 2008

Andreas Contag: "Vanguard of the Nation"

The nationwide contest awards the 16 most courageous businesspeople of Germany. Especially in these times of global crisis such positive news is helpful and necessary.

Andreas Contag, proprietor and director, was awarded the title “Mutmacher der Nation- Vanguard of the Nation”. The Berlin businessman received this great honor on Nov. 28, 2008 in company of journalists and politicians in festive surroundings.

News from November 2008

Cooperation Agreement with Schweizer Electronic AG

CONTAG just signed the cooperation agreement "ConzerT" (Contag Schweizer T). with Schweizer Electronic AG at the electronica 2008 trade fair. As Schweizer Electronic AG is one of Europe’s leading pcb manufacturers and partner for the realisation of innovations, this is a further step in increasing the range of products on offer. The Cooperation will provide coordinated processes and technologies from prototyping to mass-production.

News from November 2008

CONTAG at the electronica 2008

The CONTAG team strikes an impressive balance of the 23rd electronica trade fair. The highly frequented exhibition booth has been quickened by lots of CONny-butterflies and the numerous connections outnumbered those of last years electronica by 17%.
Many developers and pcb designer have been thrilled by the possibility of looking at the monitor screen of a CAM-operator live with “CAM.together”.
CONworld”, the virtual round tour of the company premises has also been introduced by the trade fair team.
“Prototyping and mass-production from one source” was an issue concerning many visitors. CONTAGS’s new cooperation partnerships with Schweizer Electronic AG and Skytech Europe GmbH result in new prospects of collaborating.
As expected there were many debates on the current changes in world economics with the visitors. The economic downturn is going to be faced self-confidently and will be considered as an economical challenge.

News from October 2008

New LDI System

Since introduction of LDI -Process CONTAG has entered the technological advance of 2mil technology, qualified to produce conductors of 70micron width yet, looking forward to enable 50micron structures in foreseeable future.

News from August 2008

New HAL system installed

A newest generation HAL system was put into operation.

News from July 2008

The final article in the HDI series in the magazine Elektronik Praxis

Subject: HDI/SBU technology and material selection when using microvias
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News from July 2008

The management team in production is being enlarged

From July 2008, Carsten Schwiekendick will be electroplating manager. More

News from July 2008

First year completed in new company HQ

On 7th July, CONTAG celebrated its first year in the new company HQ in Berlin-Spandau. On 6th July 2007, CONday and the inauguration of the new premises took place.

News from July 2008

New series of articles on controlled impedance circuit boards

Part 1: Controlled impedance circuit boards - An introduction (Elektronik Journal) More

News from June 2008

CONweeks have started - customer open days at CONTAG

In June and September, CONTAG is organising "CONweeks" - customer open days with an individual programme.
More information

News from May 2008

NEW - Controlled impedance circuit boards made by CONTAG

Using the very latest equipment, CONTAG is now making controlled impedance circuit boards in full service. From advice about the technology of controlled impedance through to the manufacture and test of the prototype circuit boards, customers have a single source for everything that they need.
Request an information package More information

News from May 2008

Welcome to spring technology - the new newsletter is there!

From today, the new newsletter, CONnect - issue 9, is available on the CONTAG web site. The product portfolio for customers has been extended by the manufacture of controlled impedance circuits. In June & September the company organised the CONweeks - individual customer open days at CONTAG. Other topics include: New scoring machine shortens delivery times, register for SMT 2008, CONTAG is accepting trainees, and much more.
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News from May 2008

High technology at CONTAG at SMT 2008

At SMT from 3rd to 5th June 2008 in Nuremberg, hall 9, stand 429, CONTAG presented its extended product and technology portfolio. The highlight will be the start of manufacture of controlled impedance circuit boards. Emphasis will also be put on advising visitors about the newly introduced technologies.
More information

News from May 2008

One stage further - CONTAG is in the final round

In the 14th competition for the "Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business", CONTAG reached the final round. In the coming week, twelve regionally organised juries with about 100 jurors, will decide who is to be a finalist or prize winner. More information

News from April 2008

CONTAG is accepting trainees now

Owing to the ongoing shortage of qualified specialists, the company is exploring new avenues and, from 1st September 2008, is starting professional training for microtechnologists and office assistants. Those interested can apply to CONTAG until 30th May 2008. More information To the press release

News from April 2008

HDI series: Requirements on circuit board materials

The thirteenth part of the series "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik-Praxis" examines the requirements on substrate materials for circuit boards. This technical article on HDI explains what is involved when selecting materials and what to consider for laminates.
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News from April 2008

CONTAG installs new scoring machine

The company has invested in a new scoring machine and has already installed it in production. Customers can thus get prototypes significantly more quickly. There is a 2 day saving by doing without an external service supplier. This very modern scoring machine provides significant improvements to precision and performance as well as to other technological parameters. More information

News from April 2008

Optimisation in the DRC process at the circuit board maker

The twelfth part of our HDI series "Laying out HDI boards for production" in the Elektronik Praxis magazine explains about circuit board manufacturers optimising the design rule check process.
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News from April 2008

Jobs available at CONTAG

Due to strong growth and the continued expansion of the company, new staff are required, particularly in the areas of production, CAM (preparation for manufacture) and service. Applicants can see more information about the open positions under the links provided. To the available jobs CONTAG as an employer

News from March 2008

Design rules and their practical effects on quality and yield

The eleventh part of our HDI series "Laying out HDI boards for production" in the Elektronik Praxis magazine explains the dependency of quality and yield on design rules in the design rule check process.
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News from March 2008

Current topics now online - in our new newsletter

From today, the new newsletter, CONnect - issue 8, is available on the CONTAG web site. Amongst other things, CONTAG's technological innovations for 2008 are described. The significance of design rule checks is also explained in more detail. More information about company news, dates and contacts is available in our newsletter. To the newsletter

News from February 2008

Nominated several times for the "Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business"

CONTAG was nominated several times for the "Grand Prix of Small and Medium Business", the most important award of its kind in Germany. Leading institutes such as ZVEI, IHK Berlin, Berliner Volksbank and the "Agentur f?r Arbeit" voted for the company. "This is a great honour for us" explained Andreas Contag. Press release

News from February 2008

The costs when designing an HDI circuit board

The tenth chapter of our HDI series "Laying out HDI boards for production" in the Elektronik Praxis magazine explains the costs to develop and manufacture a design using standard technology and when using cost-optimised HDI/SBU. To the article All articles

News from January 2008

CONTAG's success continues - Recruitment and investment in 2008

In 2007 CONTAG maintained its regular growth. In 2008, the team size will grow by 20% to 75. Our team will be strengthened in areas such as sales, CAM, IT and production. In 2008 we will be investing a sum in excess of 1 million Euros in machines and technology. More

News from December 2007

CONTAG is top employer in Berlin 2007

During a ceremonial event on 10th December in Berlin, CONTAG wins the competition and the title of "TOP Employer in Berlin 2007". The company won this award for its commitment as an exemplary employee and family-oriented company with outstanding health management. More CONTAG company culture

News from June 2007

Donation cheques to the value of 6,500 € handed over

Under the patronage of Harald Wolf, senator for industry, technology and women, the cheque for the donation to the value of 6,500 € was handed over on 27th July 2007. The money will be invested in the support of children and young people with a disability as well as events and self-organised leisure activities on the skateboard facility in Berlin-Spandau. A cheque of 4,000 € was handed over for youth work in the public skateboard facility in Berlin-Spandau, and a cheque of 2,500 € for the disabled climbing project in Spandau.

News from June 2007

CONday 2007 technology forum in Berlin very successful

On 6th July 2007, more than 200 electronics specialists from all over Germany attended the CONday technology forum in Berlin. The focus was on "Changing to HDI". With a big celebration and more than 800 guests, CONTAG's new premises were inaugurated in the afternoon. More

News from June 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production (part III)

The third chapter of the series "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik Praxis" deals with the economic manufacturability of ultra-fine tracks, especially the relationship between copper thickness, insulation spacing and the smallest sensibly produceable track widths.
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News from June 2007

Fund raising event "Young people off of the street and into sport"

On the occasion of the inauguration of our new premises, we have decided to launch the fund raising event "Young people off of the street and into sport". This initiative is intended to support young people and their sporting projects in Berlin-Spandau. This plan as an alternative to gifts for the inauguration for the more than 900 registered guests has already been well received. The donations will be distributed between two differing youth projects, following the inauguration.

News from June 2007

We have moved into our new premises!

From 11th June, CONTAG has a new address: Päwesiner Weg 30, 13581 Berlin, Germany After a move taking 4 weeks and months of planning, the "Move" project has been successfully completed. There are also new extension numbers for your contacts. The switchboard retains the same number +49 30 351 788 - 0.
Address and how to find us New extensions

News from May 2007

Announcement: 1. CONday Technology Forum on 6th July in Berlin

With "HDI for everyone", for the first time CONTAG has initiated a technology forum with and for system developers and layout designers, for PCB manufacturers and board assembly companies. In the afternoon, there will be a visit to a modern HDI production line in action and the new premises will be inaugurated with a unique celebration.

News from May 2007

HDI - Recommendations on design for manufacture (part II)

In this issue of the series "Design for manufacture of HDI circuit boards" in Elektronik Praxis (Vogel Industrie Medien) the subject covered is: Decision criteria for HDI circuit boards. Technical article

News from April 2007

HDI - Recommendations on design for manufacture (part I)

The series of articles "Layout suitable for manufacture of HDI circuit boards" support both those new to HDI as well as experts with practical tips and tricks, appearing every 4 weeks in "Elektronik Praxis" (Vogel Industrie Medien). Current topic: Overview of HDI, requirements, challenges & much more. Technical article

News from April 2007

Optimise designs and lower costs - CONTAG at the SMT fair

At the SMT 2007 fair, in hall 9, stand 427, CONTAG's motto was: "Get advice on technology to optimise your design and lower costs." Press release

News from March 2007

HDI for everyone - The design and manufacture of complex circuit boards

What is HDI and when is it used? What options does this technology offer? Who offers support for the development of an HDI design? The first answers can be found in CONTAG's technical article which appeared in the magazine Design & Elektronik (WEKA). Articles in the press (1,9 MB)

News from March 2007

New at CONTAG Head of finance, accounts and financial controlling

CONTAG continues to grow. With Thomas Bahrdt as head of finance, accounts and financial controlling, a new strategic position has been filled. More

News from February 2007

Above average growth at CONTAG

2006 was the most successful year for CONTAG in the history of the company. With more than 6.2 million Euros, the company increased its turnover compared to the previous year by 40%. In November 2006 alone, the value of orders placed was 48% higher than in the same month in the previous year. The core team was extended by 30%. In 2006, more than 170 new customers were acquired. And it continues upwards. Press release

News from January 2007

Technology support extended for materials and hole plugging

If you produce layouts, there is now new information available on the technology of materials and hole plugging. Both documents support the developer and the PCB designer in making the best choice of materials and technological processes.

The technology sheet on materials provides information about typical as well as special types of materials and their characteristics. Example materials to meet a variety of requirements (e.g. high temperatures) are listed and a cost comparison is provided. More
The technology sheet on hole plugging describes the process which was first introduced at the end of 2006. The document contents include the resin pastes used and a description of the technological options, as well as a description of the process involved. More

News from January 2007

D-U-N-S number for CONTAG

CONTAG gets D-U-N-S number from Dun & Bradstreet for the simplification and speeding up of customer ordering processes. The D-U-N-S number serves:

  • as a general key to identify and sort invoices, outstanding accounts, payments, dispatch, customs processing and other commercial documents

  • to simplify communications with customers

  • to associate business activity with holding or subsidiary companies, main offices or branches

For efficient management of procurement, the D-U-N-S number enables deeper insight into the supplier's core data, in that duplicate records are eliminated and information about the structural relationships are brought to light as well as the potential risks of supplier insolvency. This makes it possible to apply purchasing power more effectively, to increase the cost efficiency in procurement, to guarantee the chain of supply and to reduce the number of redundant suppliers worldwide.

If you need our D-U-N-S number, then give us a call!

News from May 2006

Introduction of new CAM software called Genesis and a new laser plotter

Through the introduction of new CAM software - Genesis 2000 - and by investing in a new laser plotter, our technological focus has been further improved.

News from November 2006

Successfully certified to IPC-A-600G

In November, several members of the team were trained and qualified to the IPC standard A-600G. This international standard on the acceptability of printed boards contains acceptance criteria for printed circuit boards which are used by CONTAG for final inspection. At CONTAG, we check to the highest level of this standard, class 3. This class of printed circuit boards are suitable for applications in areas where high safety standards are specified. The successful qualification of our staff ensures that final inspection is carried out by competent, qualified staff.

October 2006

Meet CONTAG - Conferences in October

Mentor User?s Conference (Frankfurt) Radiotech (Berlin) Zuken DAC 2006 (Ulm)

October 2006

Hole plugging process now in use

Hole plugging can be used both for interior and exterior vias. These vias are closed with help from a silk screen or stencil print followed by a drying and grinding process.

For buried (internal) vias, this avoids air being trapped in multilayer boards as well as avoiding depressions in the outer layer directly above the buried vias.

For outer layer, via in pad technology is used, as it allows just the vias in BGA pads to be closed, locally limited for one circuit.

News from May 2006

"HAL lead-free" is the standard

New terminology from 22.5.2006 at CONTAG: Just "HAL" will be used for lead-free solder, "lead HAL" for solder containing lead (Pb) Other lead-free surface finishes are offered, such as electroless tin, electroless nickel/gold and organic copper passivisation

News from August 2006

Topping-out ceremony for new head office

On 18th August, more than 400 guests congratulated CONTAG on their new HQ. Berlin's governing mayor, Klaus Wowereit attended, as did other leading personalities from industry, the press, the world of politics and society, speaking of a Berlin success story. The Berlin daily newspaper, "Der Tagesspiegel", wrote "From a garage out into space". Impressions from the ceremony

News from March 2006

Work starts on new company head office

Millions put into major investment: Between March 2006 and March 2007, the new CONTAG head office will be built, providing 50 new jobs.

News from February 2006

New ATG-A5 electrical test system in use

The acquisition of a new ATG-A5 system has extended our test capacity enabling, amongst other things, HV tests.

News from August 2007

Nominated for the award for "Best employer in Berlin 2007"

CONTAG was nominated for the award for "Best employer in Berlin 2007" This competition initiated by the IHK (chamber of commerce), the Berlin Senate's health administration as well as the AOK (health insurance company) looks at how companies deal with the development, health and motivation of their staff.

News from August 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production, part 4

In the fourth part of the series on "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik-Praxis", the focus is on the residual pad size after drilling vias.
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News from September 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production, part 5

In the fifth part of the series on "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik-Praxis", the focus is on insulation spacing and solder resist openings.
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News from September 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production, part 6

The sixth part of the series "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik-Praxis" deals with the significance of aspect ratio in designing circuit boards.
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News from October 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production, part 7

The sixth part of the series "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik-Praxis" deals with the significance of aspect ratio in designing circuit boards.
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News from November 2007

Laying out HDI circuit boards for production, part 8

The 8th chapter of the series "Laying out HDI circuit boards for production" in the magazine "Elektronik Praxis" deals with the layout of HDI circuit boards using hole plugging.
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