"Completely satisfying customer requests is CONTAG's mission", explained Martin Koch, QM manager at CONTAG.

This mission is of course included in our quality management manual and is also firmly rooted in the minds of everyone in our team. Apart from the speed and the reliability of delivery dates, customers especially require a high quality standard. This term "quality" is a daily challenge for everyone in the team.

Here, our first principle is: "Quality and the reliability of delivery dates are deeply ingrained in our minds". Contag management encourages staff to be motivated about quality by measures such as clear specifications of quality objectives, publishing the results of quality monitoring, staff training and strengthening the sense of individual responsibility by self-checking. The Quality management system which has existed at CONTAG since 1998, meets the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

  • Quality is a company goal: The quality of our products and services is a decisive factor in the success of our company.

  • Quality meets customer requirements: We measure the quality of our products and services against our customers' requirements. Our aim is to establish a long-term partnership, working together with our customers.

  • Quality helps profitability: Our aim is to avoid errors rather than to discover them, as every error costs money.

  • Quality requires cooperation: The quality of our products and services is inseparably linked to the quality of cooperation, inside and outside the company.

  • Quality requires organisation: The organisation of our setup and procedures corresponds to the basic requirements on quality management in all of our areas of work.

  • Quality and protection of the environment are constant duties: We constantly develop our organisation, our working procedures, our products and services. Because every solution can be improved.


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