1 and 2 sided circuit boards

1. Introduction
With this product information, we would like to provide you with some basic details about the manufacture of single and double-sided printed circuit boards. This is meant to help you to make decisions when placing an order. We are happy to send you more extensive product information on the subject of printed circuit boards on request.

2. General details

 Standard  Special**  
Max. circuit size  459mm x 264mm  508mm x 361mm  
Thickness of the printed circuit  0.50 - 0.80 - 1.00 - 1.55 - 2.00 - 2.40mm  0.1mm to 4.2mm  
Copper coating  18 - 35 - 70 - 105µm  as requested  

3. Materials

Material type  Material class  
Standard FR4  Expoy resin glass fabric  
Modified FR4 system  Medium Tg, high Tg, halogen free  
CEM1  Hard paper core with FR4 external layers  
Rogers RO 4003®  High frequency material  

You are welcome to ask about other materials. We are happy to send datasheets on request.

4. Mechanical processing

  • Scoring
  • Milling contour
  • Milling links
  • Countersunk drilling
  • Vertical milling
  • Edge metallisation
  • Press-fit technology
  • Mechanical drilling (from 0.10 mm diameter)
  • Laser drilling

5. Surfaces
  • Solder resist, green
    (or blue, red, black, yellow, white, colourless)
  • Vacrel® (dry film photopolymer soldermask, 75µm thick)
  • Silk screen: white
    (or blue, red, yellow, black, green)
  • electroless Ni/Au
  • HAL, lead HAL
  • electroless Sn
  • electroless Ni/Pd/Au
  • electroplated Ni/Au (selective or entire surface), electroplating of connectors with Au
  • OSP (e.g. Entek® Plus organic surface protection)
  • Carbon printing

6. Test systems

7. Test/Standardisation
  • Conforms to IPC-A-600 class II
  • UL listed (file number E228204)

Talk to our sales team (+49 30 351 788 - 0 or teamcontag.de). We will look together for a functional, optimised and cost-effective solution for your printed circuit boards.

For more detailed technological questions on printed circuit boards, please contact our team of technologists (+49 30 351 788 - 155).

** on request

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