FAQ Prototyping

Enquiries and orders

Is this only possible online?

You can send an enquiry by phone +49 30 351 788-300, fax +49 30 351 788-100, email ( or post (address). If you enquire by phone or email, you will immediately receive a quotation.

Data transmission

How can I send data?

Our customer's well proven process is to send data by email to A data upload form is also available online.

Data format

What data format do your prefer?

We prefer to use ODB++ - and EXTENDED GERBER format. If you send us STANDARD GERBER data, then we will also need the D code table(s). For GERBER data, a separate file is needed for each layer. For EAGLE / TARGET data, we can do the conversion for you. Just send us the entire CAD file. For drilling and milling, we prefer to use EXCELLON, but of course all other known formats are also possible.

Express service

Do you offer a service like this?

Yes, that is what the company focuses on. CONTAG is the quickest manufacturer of prototype printed circuit boards in Europe. Under Top Speed delivery conditions, customers receive their printed circuit board within 24 hours, for "Hyper Speed" it may only take 4 hours. STANDARD conditions are just 5 working days.

Preparation for production

What is a design rule check (DRC)?

Before starting production of your printed circuit boards at CONTAG, we carry out a design rule check as standard. During the design rule check, comprehensive checks are carried out for manufacturability and plausibility. Then the data is prepared to detect possible errors before starting production so as to guarantee that your printed circuit boards will be manufactured flawlessly. Of course, if anything is unclear or seems unusual, we will immediately check back with the customer. After all, we want the printed circuit boards to be suitable for the production line.

Delivery times

When does the first working day start?

The delivery time for all “speed” orders starts, when all of the documents necessary have arrived and all required parameters are clarified. For all other types of orders the documents and required parameters have to be sent until 6 p.m. in order to make sure that the delivery time starts on the next working day.


Do all printed circuit boards conform to RoHS?

All of the basic materials used fundamentally conform with RoHS. Except the surface lead/tin HAL are all other finishes made by CONTAG conform with RoHS.


Is it also possible to order at night?

Yes, CONTAG service is 24 hour - all round the clock. For customers, there is someone to talk to, day and night. Technical advice is thus available at all times. Prices can always be requested for the manufacture of your printed circuit boards and rush jobs can be accepted. Of course orders will not be left lying around until the morning, but will immediately be entered into the processing system.


What is checked in the electrical test?

Using the data supplied by the customer, during the electrical test a net list is produced. This net list represents all of the routed connections to components and connection points. After the manufacture of the printed circuit boards, electrical voltages are applied to these connections using test probes. This means that short circuits or open circuit tracks can be located and that the functionality of the printed circuit boards can be guaranteed.


Do you also produce layouts?

Yes, we also produce layouts for printed circuit boards. Here, we need the circuit diagram and an exact specification from the customer, i.e. the basics for the production of the layout.


Your personal contact

Martin Koch
Head of Marketing & Sales
+49 30 351 788 -310