Conductor structuring


Developer for electrolysis resist

After exposing the circuit board, the track pattern is developed. This means that the unexposed parts of the electrolysis resist covered by the film are chemically removed using sodium carbonate. The exposed copper there can be etched away in a subsequent process, or additional copper can be electrolytically deposited, depending upon the process and the type of circuit board.

Made by: Höllmüller Maschinenbau GmbH
Type: Horizontal sprayer
Made in 2007
  • Even spray pattern
  • Feed (0.5 to 3 m/min) depending on the type of varnish
  • No waste water results from the washing as the process is optimised.

Etching system

The copper that is exposed between the traces, which are covered with electrolysis and acid resist, is etched away. For this, a process using hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid is used. The highlight of this system is the process, patented by the manufacturer, of not allowing the used etchant to flow away, but to collect it immediately using a vacuum. This means that the finest tracks and spacings can be applied to circuit boards.

Made by: Pill GmbH
Type: Vacuum Etching System Export 650
Made in 2003
  • Reliably reproducible etching results by using a patented vacuum etch technology
  • Fully automatic monitoring and dosage of hydrogen peroxide and hydrochloric acid in the process bath
  • No waste water results from the washing as the process is optimised
  • Fully automatic monitoring of jets and pressure so as to immediately detect blocked jets

Resist removal system

The electrolysis and acid resist which is no longer needed for the subsequent steps in the process are removed in this system. Care must be taken here to ensure that removal is complete, without oxidising the copper surface.

Made by: Höllmüller Maschinenbau GmbH
Type: HMS stripping system
Made in 2004
  • PLC computer for various temperature profiles
  • Automatic dosing of fresh developer solution controlled by conductivity measurements in the process bath
  • Cascade of 4 washes for optional, water-saving washing process
  • Even for a high aspect ratio (ratio of hole diameter to hole depth), guarantees very good drying results


This equipment generates exposed copper at a micro roughness and thus represents the optimal treatment for the application of adhesives, resist and laquer. From the micro roughness results in a perfect adhesion whereby an otherwise possible infiltration of resist and laquer is excluded.

Made by: RENA Höllmüller GmbH
Type: MecEtch
Made in 2011
  • Horizontal Flex Transportation
  • Automatic dosing of fresh active solution over copper content measurement
  • PLC control for different programs for optimal process conditions


This system produces a metal-organic coating on the exposed copper which, together with the micro-roughness from the MecEtch line, the optimal pre-treatment is for the manufacture of multilayers. This surface forms the basis for an equally strong bond between the individual cores during compression.

Made by: RENA Höllmüller GmbH
Type: Antitarnish equipment
Made in 2011
  • Horizontal Flex Transportation
  • 4-port rinsing cascade for optional and water saving rinsing process
  • Fully automatic pressure monitoring, to detect clogged nozzles


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