Clean room


Spray coater

With most modern technology, the solder resist is sprayed on both sides in one pass. This gives a perfect edge coverage especially for high-precision structures and thick copper.

Made by: AHK Service & Solutions GmbH
Type: Atomizer DC
Made in 2011
  • spray coater of the latest generation
  • Smooth, coating on both sides
  • Short set-up times
  • Fast lacquer change


The usage of LDI replaces the traditional plotting of films through a panelwide imaging by a laser whose beam can become modulated and focussed to finest sizes. This method increases precision and gains independency of physical, structural changes in film width and lentgth.

Made by: Orbotech Ltd.
Type: Paragon 8800 Hm
Made in 2008
  • latest technology of LDI                           áááááááááááááááááááááá
  • structures of 20 micron possible
  • automatic adjustment of stretching values


The layout data (track pattern, solder resist, silk-screened component location etc.) is transferred to the circuit board using a photographic process. The films necessary for this are laser plotted in the clean room under very constant ambient conditions.

Made by: Orbotech Ltd.
Type: PP 9008-HS
Made in 2006
  • High end photoplotter for the most precise track pattern films
  • Structures from 1 mil (25.4 Ám) can be plotted
  • Plotting capacity: >15 films per hour
  • Fully automatic film production from the prepared (CAM) data

Dry Film Auto Cutting Laminator

It can be 25 microns-thin flexible circuits as well
6 mm thick back panel are laminated on one or both sides. It is also possible to process resists for mix-metal surfaces.

Made by: Hakuto Europe GmbH
Type: Hakuto Mach 630up
Made in 2013
  • Flexible and thick panel option
  • Perfect lamination with absolute reproducibility

Vacuum laminator

For high-yield manufacturing technology of advanced printed circuit boards lamination processes without any air bubbles inclusions are highly demanded. This device provides latest machine technology of vacuum lamination. Smallest copper structures with less than 100Ám line width/isolation are perfectly enclosed. Besides double side lamination with soldermask foils and dry films even with polyimide coverlayer a satisfactory result is achieved. Process time for this application is less than 10min compared with around 2h using conventionally hydraulic press.

Made by: Dynachem
Type: VA7124 HP7
Made in 2014
  • Suitable for panel thicknesses from 0.05 to 6.40 mm
  • Laminating pressure adjustable from 1 to 7 bar
  • Significantly less waste compared to other laminators
  • Short set-up times

Solder resist developer

Unexposed areas of solder resist are removed (developed) These are the locations where the customer can solder later on.

Made by: Pill GmbH
Type: Export 650
Made in 2001
  • Special jets ensure optimum distribution of the developing solution over the circuit board
  • Automatic dosing of fresh developer solution controlled by conductivity measurements in the process bath
  • No waste water results from the washing as the process is optimised
  • High performance drying module


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