Immediately you could have a real-time look onto the screen of the responsible CAM-Operator, opened in a separate window on your desktop. Totally LIVE!
By using this innovative technology you may negotiate technical details of your PCB –Layout with the CAM-Employee to find a sufficient solution and optimization.
It is necessary to use a small online-tool (226 kByte) which you have to download from our server. To receive the required Session-Code please call +49-30-351 788 –400 while connection set-up.

Data Security note

The connection is one-way and protected with highest security-standard. Company CONTAG and all related parties neither have access to your network nor can look onto your screen.

The used software tool NTRsupport, published by NET Transmit, is certificated with VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2004 CA.


Your personal contact

Kamil Matuschik
Team Manager CAM
+49 30 351 788-255