SPEED no limit


Focus on speed

SPEED here at CONTAG AG means being the fastest manufacturer of printed circuit boards prototypes in Europe. For you, it means:

Speed from the word go
  • Swift production of quotations and answers to queries
  • Quotations for printed circuit boards immediately

Choose the delivery time yourself
  • With us, you set the delivery time yourself.
  • We can make every delivery date. You won't hear "Very sorry, we have no capacity free at present" from us.
  • You will get controlled, maximum speed at every time of the day or night,
    on request also in special shifts.

Matchless speed
  • What other companies call Top Speed, is what we call STANDARD
  • Simple circuits from 4 hours
  • Multilayer from 14 hours
  • No previous agreement is necessary
  • Technical queries will be processed as quickly and precisely as possible

Deliveries consistently on time
  • The punctuality for the delivery of your printed circuit boards is 100%
  • If there is a production delay at CONTAG AG, we then deliver your printed circuit boards using an express service or by a direct courier - at our expense, of course. You can rely on us.


Your personal contact

Torsten Malsch
Head of Marketing & Sales
+49 30 351 788 -310